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The Uses of Plumbing Pipes and Fittings Different types of fittings and pipes Pipe fittings can be as confusing to the uninitiated homeowner as choosing the right nail or screw for a construction job. Although the purpose of each material is precise, it can be difficult to determine their exact purpose. Our plumbers are able to repair or repipe water lines as well as gas lines. This is a quick overview of pipe fittings and their purpose. Pipe fittings attach to pipes at the ends and allow them to control flow, change direction, or change the pipe's diameter. Consultation with us is a good idea to save time, money, materials, headaches, and other complexities in plumbing and piping systems. Types of pipe fittings, and their purpose: Elbows: These are used to alter the direction or angle of the pipe run. Most often, in 45-degree turns and 90 degrees. The speed at which a change or transition in direction is made is called the sweep. Street elbows: The male threads on one end of the fitting have female threads, while the female threads are on the other. These threads are found in copper pipe and galvanized steel. These are easy to use because they don't require a nipple. They also work well in tight spaces. Tee fittings: Made to look like the letter T. Allows you to have branch lines. Useful for joining two pieces of straight pipe of the same size. Reducers: These are used to join pipes with different diameters. This is used to gradually change the diameter. Bushings: These are used to reduce the diameter of a fitting for a pipe. These are not reducers, but they do a drastic change in diameter that takes up very little space. Unions: These are used to join pipes where they cannot be turned, or to remove equipment for maintenance or replacement. Adaptor fittings: These are used to convert the male and female threads of a pipe that is not threaded to male or to female threads, as necessary. Most often used in plumbing jobs that involve copper or plastic. Caps: These caps are used to seal the end of a dead pipe. Plugs: These are used to seal an end of a pipe fitting that is normally used for cleaning out or inspection. Nipples: Pipes that are short and threaded at both ends. Wyes: Mostly used to gain access to DWV systems (drain-waste vent). Valves are devices that regulate the flow of liquids or gases through or out of a pipe. Compression valves include ball valves and sleeve-cartridge or ceramic disc valves. PVC fittings are available in many configurations. They can be glued (S), or threaded ("T") Copper Tubing Fittings: Use compression fittings. Couplelings, ells and tees are common fittings.
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