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Steel channel, like other hollow sections is made from steel sheets and rolled into U or C shapes. It is composed of two "flanges": a wide web and two flanges. You can have the flanges tapered or parallel. What are the surface treatments that we offer? Steel channels are widely used in many applications. There are three main types of surface treatments that can be used to code the conditions. Non-treatment or black is not recommended as steel can rust easily and without protective layers. The most common treatments are hot-dip galvanization or primer. Primer is more resistant to weather and environmental corrosion than zinc coating. Any type of zinc coating can be chosen depending on your application. What size channels do you offer? The steel channel can be divided into two types according to its outlook: "C" or "U". UPE and UPN are the two standards that show channel dimensions. UPE refers to the C channel steel that has parallel flanges and UPN is for the U channel steel that has tapered flanges. The specific type of channel steel, such as A36 steel channel, will give you the exact size information. You can make a custom channel. If you pay attention to them, C channel and u channel can also be used in everyday life. Structural channel steel isn't as strong as wide flange beams or I beams because its bending axis doesn't center on the width of the flanges.
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